Are you wanting to learn how to write a project proposal? Here is the information that you’ll be needing.

First you need to start with the information block such as your name, your professors name, course code, and the date the assignment is due. Following that you need to create a creative and engaging title that will draw your audience in. Then you will need to start off with the actual proposal piece which should include:

  1. A question
  2. The context of the assignment
  3. The overall idea or definition of what you are trying to do
  4. What method or plan you will be doing
  5. The operationalization (how-to) of the process
  6. And the end goal or future or outcome deliverable that can be achieved from the project

Now that we now the pieces here’s a template that you can use:







This section should include a clear question that will lead to a cohesive context and flow to the overall project. A question should tell the reader up front what this is all about without needing to look further. This could include the action words to “sell the idea”. This should also identify the problem that you are trying to solve.


In the context you should include the previous knowledge of the issue with items such as lit Review so that you can see what others have done with your topic and allow you to get a better understanding of the topic and how you might be able to expand upon the idea. This area you can further, list your gaps of knowledge. Who the project is targeted for; so your Stakeholders. Why you are doing the project. A projected timeline of deliverables. But the most important item, clarity!


This section is similar to context however, this is where you can expand on the context areas such as gaps of knowledge and what the project is, who it’s for, and why.


This section is where you’ll be listing your action items that will need to be done in order to create the project such as the tools that will be needed and what you need to learn (no matter if your starting from scratch or refreshing) in the sense of content or tools that will be used.


This section is where you will detail how you’re going to be execute the plan.

[Outcomes/Deliverable/End Goal]

In this final section is where you include what will come from the project.

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