I find that in order for me to get work done, I need to be by myself in my own personal bubble. This includes me at my workspace with my earphones in and music on! It doesn’t matter the style of music that I’m listening to, just as long as I’m able to allow it to focus me in to the work.

I find that if I’m in a public space I find myself to get distracted from everything, as my ADHD kicks in and I’m like, writing interesting thing… writing more interesting thin oh… someone is walking past me, how dare they, oh… look the door op… oh that person walked back… oh… what was I writing about? Oh right, writing more interesting things.

Whereas, I find if I’m by myself I have less of those distractions.

The ironic part of this blog post! Is that I’m writing this in a Starbucks while I wait for a bus. However, at the same time, find myself getting distracted by the people walking in, walking past me, the sounds of the steamers, by the people looking at the books in chapters. By the workers cleaning. Along with a long list of other distractions.

(written in 45 minutes)

Whereas if I were to write this at home this is how it would go:

When I am in my own headspace and able to “work alone” I find that my work tends to be better! Better thoughtful, better written, better executed, and finished faster!

This is because, I don’t get distracted by everything from my ADHD! I can listen to my music to zone in and to insure I won’t get interrupted!

I find myself not getting as much “writers block” when I am working alone as I can thinking more clear and talk a little louder with my mind!

When I am doing any type of work I find myself needing to listen to music and the more energetic it is the better that the work turns out and the more motivated I am!

Funny story, when I have quizzes or tests to do at home I find myself listening to the “Paint The Night Theme Song” from the 60th annual Disney celebration Paint The Night Parade! I find that I don’t stop or lose motivation in the test or quiz and thus, allows me to write it quicker!

Whenever I try to do work in a public space such as a coffee shop I find myself being consistently distracted and thus losing my “train of thought” and further focusing on something else and thus, taking more time to complete my work.!

Additionally, if I try to work on the bus then I find myself making a number of mistakes and highlighting in a circle instead of a horizontal fashion! As the bus is more bumper then a car and there’s a number of them in Nanaimo!

I tend to do my work on a couch as it’s comfy and I have two prostrating disks in my lower spine along with a really tiny (less then a centimetre) non-cancers tumour in my hip that makes it hard to sit for any period of time so I avoid sitting as much as possible! I do have a desk space that I can use that has an extra monitor, room for my laptop, and room to do work! However, like stated before, don’t use it much due to spine issues.

(written in 10 minutes)

So as you can see my best is when I’m at home and all alone! So I “Work Alone!” As you can see I further write more and write with more clarity in a shorter time when alone! 45 minutes in a Starbucks versus 10 minutes at home and alone!

What do you think is my best working space?!

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