Poster: Learning to Live With Learning Disabilities: My Story

During the Fall semester of 2017 I created a story of my life and turned it into a hand-drawn animated video along with written post!

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Then in my Spring semester of 2018 at VIU our professor for our DIGI 401 class asked us; to create a poster to submit to the conference! So I thought why don’t I turn my story into a poster form, and that’s just what I did! During the presentation of the posters I had some people come up to me to tell me that I inspired them in a way or another; so that was cool!

The poster is up in the VIU Space, database here:

VIU Space DOI Database Link!


Growing up I was diagnosed with a number of disabilities and was told that I would not be passing grade 6. However, after struggles and not giving up I was able to overcome these disabilities!


Donald Louch


May 15th, 2018


VIU CREATE Conference 2018


Media Studies program

DOI Identifier:

DOI: 10.25316/IR-1004

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