Funny story! so the other week I was think, maybe, for the University Snapchat Story I would do a “Campus Tour on Snapchat”. Then just today, I went to read what we had to do for this blog post and was excited to read that it’s to do what I was thinking the other week.

My plan is to use my knowledge of Snapchat (a mobile application) and my knowledge of campus which I acquired from moving around campus and joining the Student Ambassador program. I have lead a number of tours and know a few things about the campus and know my way around and some cool knowledge. Like did you know that the Upper Cafeteria has two levels for the kitchen? So I’m going to combined my knowledge of both things and go around campus and film a campus tour for the Universities Snapchat and for this assignment.

I’m going to walk ALL 2, 600 outside stairs and give out facts and tips that I’ve learnt while being at Vancouver Island University.

As I filming this, I felt awkward and waited for people to walk past so that I could film the story. Furthermore, I realized once I got on the bus that I forgot to add information about the Upper Cafeteria and the Students Union.

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