From the Raw Material collection of logos from the varies municipalities from the South Island (my old stamping grounds) we can desirer that within the communities theres a variety of different activities and cultures!

In the CRD district we can see that theresA sense of community and a sense of environment.

In Central Saanich we can see that there a sense of forestry and greenery.

In Colwood (my home municipality) from the new logo and well improved logo we can see that the municipality is compiled of mountains and castles when in reality there isn’t that many if at all any mountains! However, the as for the castle, would be the Hatley castle which is housed on the Royal Roads University property!

In Cowichan Valley we can see that they get sunshine and that the municipality is heavy in canoeing.

In Duncan we can see that the town is always progressing and decamping their nature with tress and deer.

In Esquimalt we can see that they are town oriented.

In Lake Cowichan oddly enough from their logo there’s no representation of a lake. It’s just mountains and trees.

In Langford it’s filled with knights and determination of success!

In the District of Metchosin we can see that you can view dolphins in the ocean.

In North Sannich, you can bird watch.

In North Cowichan you have more hills.

In Oak Bay you have a number of leaves.

In Sannich, you have a eco friendly environment.

In Sidney you are “by the sea” with waves.

In Sooke is where “Rainforest [meets the] sea”.

In the City of Victoria you have lots of roads that are bumpy.

From looking at all the logos on the South Island of Vancouver Island we can say that the South Island is filled with nature, trees, forests, bumpy roads. empowerment, eco friendly, and bodies of water.

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