"Unseen Footage From 2015" by Donald Louch on YouTube

Here is some unseen footage from 2015. I was only able to find this one set of footage from my trip to Vancouver with my mom, sister and boyfriend in August. I was planning on vlogging my trip for the Taylor Swift concert. Furthermore, I was hoping to film the Pride Parade. However, I forgot to record more footage once we got to Vancouver. I, further, was only able to get the first part of the parade, due to the parade being over three hour.

Additionally, people kept bumping into me and jarring the camera. In addition, where I was standing, I had to film over people’s heads. Furthermore, Mark and I decided to watch the parade from a different place, where there was shade and seating.

Table of Content

Table of Content

0:06 – 3:47 : Car Ride
3:48 – 8:12 : On The Ferry
8:13 – 22:02 : Pride Parade




  • “All I Need” by Vanze x Balco x Fransis Derelle (feat. Brenton Mattheus)
  • Music Was Provided by NCS ; Song: “Time” by 3rd Prototype & Lex Dave feat. Yohamna Solange
  • “Our First Thunder” – Music from Jukedeck – create your own at jukedeck.com

Filmed With: SONY HandyCam HDR-CX240

Edited With: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

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