"The Show – Jan 11th, 2017 – S06E10 (#126)" by Shaw TV Nanaimo (Featuring Donald Louch and More) on YouTube

I went on a tour of the Shaw TV Nanaimo, building! When I went I decided to offer myself as a volunteer if need be, and sure enough, they need an extra camera operator! I helped with the filming of this episode (Camera 2), I was also seen in the episode, and I was credited in the end credits!


It's The Show on Shaw TV with host Matt Carter and musical guest Theo Massop!

Featured on The Show:

  • The original social network, telling stories with the Around Town Tellers! 02:45
  • Christina Young from the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre talks about how they fill gaps in services in our community - 08:45
  • Theo Massop performs "The Answer" - 15:07
  • Back with the Around Town Tellers and a story from Laurie Hutchinson! 18:45
  • Seniors Connect: Jane and Jane talk about Seniors Aging OUT and how they're providing support and safety for all members of the LGBTQ2+ community - 24:04
  • Event notice with Matt! Find out all about the 10th Annual Robbie Burns Chinese New Year's Celebration. - 29:25
  • Anna and Darcy plate some delicious and nutritious microwavable meals from DISH! - 31:19
  • Interview with Theo Massop - 36:20
  • Theo Massop performs "Rebellious Fool" - 41:00
  • Elizabeth Heinz chats with Xu Sun and Sharon Jensen of Royal LePage Nanaimo Realty about the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre coming to perform in Nanaimo - 45:12
  • Darcy and Anna create the Famous Houseboat Sandwich! - 49:45
  • Theo Massop performs "Start a Revolution" - 57:15

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