"Tristan Thompson – O Holy Night" by TristanThompson on YouTube

I helped out on the set of this music video. I additionally was an extra in the video. I know for sure I am featured at 1:47 and I maybe featured in other parts of the video but at 1:47 is where you can for sure tell that I am featured.

Video Description

© 2014 Chatter Records

This song is available here:

Producer: Matthew Lopez

Production Assistants: Darlene Crawford, Gauge Hutson, Sarah Rampling

Videographers: Mike Morash, Luke Connor, Ben Miller, Shea Swenson

Lighting: Graham Caesar, John Kirkpatrick

Lead Extras: Nana Mewat, Hannah Moore, Daniel Cho, Selah Skinner, David Beck

Makeup: Viktoria Kuzmina

Post Production: Cassie O’Neil

Wardrobe: Capital City Tuxedo

Special thanks to Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church for the use of their Sanctuary.

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