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Vacation: Ontario 2017

Vacation: Ontario 2017

By: Donald Louch | Posted On: June 9th, 2017 at 5:16am | Filed Under: PhotographyVideography

Family, Friends, Planes, and Amazing Scenery

During Christmas 2016, my sister surprised me with a present with a multitude of things wrapped individually and in order! I was to unwrap every present in order from 1 to I believe 8 or 9!

In this gift, I was presented with travel items from wet whips, to a PACSAFE backpack, to blistered band-aids, and to a letter which read that in the summer I will be going on vacation for a week or so to a destination to be announced!

After some planning, my sister and I decided on Ontario! Primarily Toronto and Ottawa! The original plan was to fly out on August 20th (my sisters birthday)! However, after looking at our schedules and our Aunts schedule as well looking at the cost of flights we decided to change this to May!

On May 19th, my sister and I flew from Victoria (YYJ) to Vancouver (YVR), had a three and half hour layover (was supposed to be 2 hours and 11 minutes) but due to rough air, there were delays. Once we got on the plane at YVR, we flew to Toronto (YYZ)! During this flight, as we were just turning onto the runway and ready to ascend one of the overhead cabinet doors slowly started to open and once fully opened a box of pineapples was revealed! Thankfully, we didn't turn right during takeoff and the box stayed in the cabinet! Once we were in the air, we were greeted with clouds and more clouds along with minor turbulence that lasted 80% of the flight. Along with that, the flight crew forgot about my sister on two occasions. Occasion one, was when we were getting food that we pre-ordered. I got mine and then they forgot to bring Brittany's to her. So she asked when they came around with the drink and food carts for the first round; so after apologizing from the crew, Brittany got her pre-ordered food! Then the second occasion was when they came around the second time and she asked for a coffee; they ran out of coffee on their cart so they had to get another one from another cart; so the coffee got replaced and then they moved to the next row without getting Brittany her coffee. So Brittany waved the crew member down and the crew member realized right away and Brittany got her coffee! So as we left late, Brittany and I were slightly worried that we would miss our next and last connecting flight. But thankfully, we got to the YYZ airport to find out that the last flight was delayed as well! So once we go the airport we got off the plane and booked it to the next gate and just made our last flight!!! So we then flew from YYZ to Ottawa (YOW)!

Once we go to YOW, we meet up with two of my sisters best friends and slept over at their apartment for our stay in YOW!

While in YOW, we visited the Parliament of Canada and all the attractions near! We also, got lots of pictures of the tulips as it was the tulip festival in YOW while we were there! We also tried ice cream from an ice cream shop titled "Sweet Jesus" which was really good!!! We also walked over a bridge and were in Quebec for all of three minutes! We visited the Canadian Museum of Nature as well as the Canadian War Museum! We also watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie in Cineplex VIP where we had a dessert poutine! I further had my first Uber ride!!!! I also got to try and see my first ever bagged milk!

Then it was time to say goodbye to YOW and catch a train to YYZ which is where we spent the rest of the week!

In YYZ, we did many things such as the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, had a great burger from The Works, went to the Eatons Center in which I found a ton of stores with actual men's clothing sections!!! We went to this dessert bar and had really good cheesecake and ice cream!!! We also checked out Cassa Loma, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and the massive University of Toronto and their bookstore which I am super jealous of! We also checked out David And Busters and the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, I further went to my very first IKEA! We went to Niagara Falls and the oddest street of Clifton Hill! I further went to Canada's Wonderland and due to my back, I was only able to go on four rides. However, I had awesome Funnel Cake!!!!!!

The best part though was that I got to meet another one of my Aunts and Cousins and hang out with them for a week!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Ontario and fly back to YVR and then back to YYJ!

I got some great pictures from the trip!

Brittany and Donald in OttawaJames, Becky, Brittany and Donald in OttawaDonald looking over the bridge linking Ottawa and QuebecDonald and Brittany in-front of tulipsA picture of Donald taking a picture of the tulipsThe Parliament BuildingsTulipsTulipsTulipsCrystalCrabBig fishRipleys AquariumSharkRipleys AquariumRipleys AquariumThe CN TowerThe CN TowerThe view from The CN TowerThe view from The CN TowerThe view from The CN TowerThe view from The CN TowerNiagara FallsNiagara FallsNiagara FallsDonald, Christin, and Brittany at Niagara FallsNiagara FallsNiagara FallsNiagara FallsNiagara FallsSome of my familyTravel from Ottawa to TorontoTravel from Ottawa to TorontoTravel from Ottawa to TorontoTravel from Ottawa to TorontoPlane ridePlane ridePlane ridePlane ridePlane RidePlane ridePlane ridePlane ride


I also filmed some videos on the trip! I was wanting to film more footage during the trip but the battery on my camera was not good in any sense and was consistently dying on me so I decided to film a few attractions! On another note, I have had numerous problems with my editing software and was able to export the videos a week and a bit later!

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