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Donald Louch Changes (February 22nd, 2022)

Donald Louch Changes (February 22nd, 2022)

By: Donald Louch | Posted On: February 22nd, 2022 at 7:30pm | Filed Under: General

I am excited to announce that I am making several changes to the DevLexicon and Donald Louch Productions brands

I am excited to announce that I am making several changes to the DevLexicon and Donald Louch Productions brands.

With this, I am discontinuing the brand of DevLexicon and dropping the Production(s) title in the Donald Louch Productions brand; and now going by the one brand of Donald Louch.

I decided to make this change as I found when creating content with the DevLexicon brand, it wasn’t me making it, it wasn’t something I could call my own, or say that it was made by me. Furthermore, I felt the content was getting redundant as I shared the content from both the DevLexicon and Donald Louch Production accounts. With this change, all content will be delivered under one brand, one account.

What's Changing With Websites?

With this change, I will begin to shift my websites and web content around. With this, has reached archive status and will not be returning. The domain name will remain active for the time being but will redirect to Additionally, DevLexicon Branding will be reaching archived status over the coming weeks and will not be returning.

DevLexicon Links for now will remain up but will be a legacy/portfolio project. All content from DevLexicon Links will be redirected to OpusVid over the coming weeks to months will transition over to As well, Themes By DevLexicon will transition to Themes By Donald Louch and will be transferred to DevLexicon Status hosted through InstaStatus has transitioned to Donald Louch Status hosted through. InstaStatus and will be active at the link:

As for DevLexicon’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages, over the coming weeks to months, I will be archiving the content and discontinuing those accounts. All email accounts will be reaming active for the time being but will not be replied from and won’t be checked as often and at a point in the next few months will be discontinued. The DevLexicon GitHub account has been transitioned over to DonaldLouch and all previous repositories are now at

With this, I will be renaming the Donald Louch Productions Facebook page to Donald Louch while keeping the link the same I will further be changing my contact email and email accounts on to only use*. With this, all other email accounts will be reaming active for the time being but will not be replied from and won’t be checked as often and at a point in the next few months will be discontinued.

What About Freelancing?

Up to this point, I was accepting requests for freelancing jobs via the DevLexicon Portal, this is now discontinued. I, however, am still accepting requests for freelance jobs through my website’s contact form and request form, as well as, by contacting me through email, phone, and social media communications.

What's Changing on

With this all, it’s time I also modernize my website and portfolio. Making it run smoother, keeping up with modern technologies, and now transitioning the website to handle all my content.

With this, I am so excited to announce my newly redesigned website and portfolio! With this, since 2013 I have been maintaining this website and changing the content and its technologies. The website has been powered by Content Management Systems such as Webs, Weebly, SquareSpace, WordPress, and other CMS’ to then in 2017 I transitioned the website and hand-coded my own CMS for the website with HTML, CSS, and PHP OPP (Object-Oriented Programming) languages. Then today in 2022, I’m proud to announce that I have changed the website and the CMS to be hand-coded in the new modern JavaScript Framework of NextJS by Vercel with a codebase of React and TypeScript.

This change has allowed me to have a faster, smoother, more optimized website and portfolio, better templating, and so much more!

What's The New Tech Stack?

My full “Tech Stack” for the website is:

Furthermore, with this update, I have made several design changes that merge the two former brands of DevLexicon and Donald Louch Productions into one brand. On the website, I have also made the website more mobile-friendly and responsive, and introduced a nice dark mode. I have also redesigned the blog feed, blog categories, and blog tag pages.

With this change, I have also streamlined my biography page (About Me), Links, and Contact pages and have merged them into one page. You may, however, still visit the website with or or and you will automatically be redirected to the About Me page.

I have decided to further remove the Internal Comment section on blog posts. With this, the portal area is no longer accessible for public use and is only accessible to me.

A note about this upgrade is that the website is still in a beta, construction phase. With this, all features will not be fully created and optimized and will be in a more functional state at a later time.

In saying that, I have constructed the website enough to where you'll be able to visit the website and get updates on myself and view my content.

If you would like you may proceed to the beta version of the website by continuing to navigate on this website or you may go to the alpha version where features are not as developed at or by visiting my Vercel link at Or if you would like you may visit the legacy version at

This website and portfolio is an open-source project and all the source files can be seen, forked, and you can help develop by heading over to my GitHub account:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through Social Media, my website, or email at

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