Pilgrims Coffee House is a coffee shop located in Colwood, BC at 105-1910 Sooke Rd, which is on the opposite side of Colwood Medical Treatment Centre at Colwood Corners. Pilgrims have been proudly “(serving) island roasted Drumroaster coffee” for over two years.

John Krottner and his wife Jan own Pilgrims Coffee House. According to John, “[they] have always thought about [owning a coffee shop]”. However, John had a steady management job at a grocery store, which had benefits and a pension. Therefore, If he left the job he would “jump in to the unknown, … which [is] always a risk factor”. John and his wife thought it was worth the risk since they have “… talked about it for so long and we thought … now that we are relatively young and that we can do it [and] we [have] the energy, so we might as well’”. Additionally they thought that “… the older we get the harder it’s going to be, and we didn’t really want to look back in ten years and think ‘we should have done it at that time when the opportunity came up to buy this lot’”. On January 1st, 2013 Jon and Jan opened up shop in Colwood. After being opened for two years, business is booming and they are getting busier and busier every month.

John and his wife had a list of names and the one that seemed to stand out to them the most was “Pilgrim” because it is known all around the world and in different cultures. They “stole” the name from a good friend of theirs with permission. Their friend owns a blog called “The Weary Pilgrim” that he has had for over ten years. They decided to drop the “The Weary” part and just keep “Pilgrim”.

When opening the coffee house John and Jan had a tough time with learning how to run a business. As John stated, “we … never previously [had] done this before. However, we had friends that had their own coffee shops and cafés who helped us out”. Another struggle they had when opening the business was learning that it would be slow to begin with and not to give up.

Every now and then they have a local artist come in and perform. In addition, they have an open mic night every last Friday of the month where inspiring musicians and poets can come in and perform. Typically, on open mic nights there are roughly six people that perform.

At Pilgrims they not only serve locally grown coffee and handcrafted hot beverages they also sell food such as muffins, sandwiches and other baked goods.

The atmosphere is calming and peaceful at Pilgrims. I think you should go check them out!

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