A social media application for iOS and Android in which allows people to send “Snaps” to their friends or in a public story.
A 3 to 10 second picture or video that disappears after viewing OR a text message that disappears after viewing.
Private Snaps
Are Snaps that are sent to your friends via. a friends list.
Public Snaps
A story that is viewable to anyone on your friends list or via. a search within the application; which is compiled of different Snaps that doesn’t disappear after viewing but rather in 24 hours of posting.
Users of Snapchat
An application that is a compliment to Snapchat where users can create emoji’s based on a cartoon version of themselves.


The social media application Snapchat has recently released a brand new UI design update in which also changed the way that the algorithm sorts out the importance or order of displaying public or private snaps. A number of users are outraged at this and have stopped using the application and has left negative reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


With this in mind, I would like to propose some changes to the UI and functionality of the design.

1. Friends List

I would like to see the ability to filter through the friends on your friends list. So for instance, have the ability to sort the friends in the

  • Most to least recent communication with them
  • Or who you communicate with the most to least
  • Or who’s posted more recently to the longer
  • Or who’s posted a story to who hasn’t
  • Or reverse of the above suggestions

Additionally, have the ability to flag friends and add them to favourites list for easy access when wanting to watch their stories or send them a Private Snap.

2. Discovery Tab

Change the name from “Discovery” to “Public Stories” or “Public Snaps”. With the further addition of making it easier for Snapers to add their Snaps to be viewable by anyone on the application. Right now, most stories that are posted by Snapers that have the privacy set to show stories to “Everyone” can be shown in the current Discovery tab. However, there is now way of truly knowing if your shown there and with that, some Snapers aren’t shown in the tab.


With these changes, Snapchat will allow the application to have a ‘rebirth’ and incense will regain it’s popularity that it had when the application originally launched!


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