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Modern Sherbet: A Modern WordPress Theme

I am so excited to announce the release of my theme “Modern Sherbet: A Modern WordPress Theme”! The theme that I am currently using on this site I created and now allowing people to buy it!!!

Modern Sherbet is a modern twist on the taste design of sherbet. It’s bright and colourful! There’s animated button on hover, there’s drop shadows (also known a box shadows) all around the theme.

The theme features shorcodes for toggles and further tabs. The theme is equipped with CSS for contact forms and Woocommerces. The theme features different styles for multiple post types which can be controlled in the WordPress Dashboard.

The CSS is commented at parts where you can change values in order to create your own spin on the design.

Demo The Theme

You may buy the theme on my store with three Licence Options which can be found on the product page!

Buy The Theme

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