When I was young I thought I was playing around and being clumsy; then hit my head on a table; went to the hospital, and got stitches.

However, years later I was telling this story and my mom told me that this wasn’t true and that I’m misremembering. At first I thought what?!

I remember hitting my head and then being in a hospital bed with yellow curtains to separate me from the other beds in the ward. With the addition, of seeing my parents looking at me while I was in this hospital bed.

Even to this day I can still picture it, feel a pain in the head, and swear that it had actually happened.

However, as my mom told me: “yes one of kids to did in fact fall and hit your head badly enough to need stitches. However it wasn’t you but rather your brother”.

So somehow I was able to get one of my brothers memories; and take it like it was my own. My mind was able to imagine exactly what I thought my brother would see.

How is this?

Do I believe my memory or do I believe my moms?!

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