The Emergency Department also known as the Emergency Room (ER) is a place where you see a variety of people. You have the young, the teens, the adults, and the elders. These people can be there for a number of reasons from sickness, to broken bones, to server pain in your stomach, heart, head, or other parts of the body.

In the waiting room, you see people sitting in the chairs in masks to try to avoid the flu or the cold. You see people in crippling pain. You see people holding on to their loved ones for comfort. You see the elder and frail trying to move when they get called. You see people in wheel chairs. You see people in beds and in pain. You see people on IV pumps. You see people with IVs in their arms ready for medication to be injected to them. You see people staring at the people getting the medication injected into them. You see people reaching for the morphine button due to pain. You see nurses running around. You see doctors running around. You see machines moving around. You see the “X-Ray In Use” sign turn on. You see the same “X-Ray In Use” sign turn off. You see stickers. You see patients with their ID bracelets. You see patients with their bracelets that indicates that they’re allergic to something.

In the ER you hear heart monitors beeping. You hear the sound of the blood pressure monitor squeezing to get the appropriate reading. You hear children crying from pain. You hear adults crying from pain. You hear the elder crying from pain. You hear people coughing. You hear nurses calling patients name’s.

The people that you see in the ER are the same people that you may see in places like on the bus, at the store, at the theatre, at your place of work, or even at school. These people you may even walk past on the street. They will most likely act like nothing is wrong. This is because, they probably feel fine and completely different then they do when they’re sitting in the ER. This is because, you typically don’t see people in the ER that are perfectly healthy unless they are working there or even there to support their loved ones while they’re in need of comfort.

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