In today’s post I’ll be discussing video games with a focus on the Halo (primarily ODST and 5) Franchise and The Sims Franchise.

Within the Halo universe there are currently seven games with a storyline that devolves throughout the span of all the games in the series.

Within Halo’s fourth game Halo ODDT, the story writing has been beautifully executed and without it the gameplay would be boring and not strong as you would be aimlessly walking around. However, with the storyline it engages the audience to the point where you just want to keep playing. This is my favourite game of all time (so far) as the exactions of the story made me engaged and further gave me certain emotions that I never had with video games. It allowed you to feel like you were in this universe and playing in the real.

However, on the contrast, the latest Halo game, Halo 5 it contains a storyline that is not engaging and in turn made it dull. However, with Halo 5, the gameplay and mechanics such as group pound, the use of jet packs, and the healing abilities; it made the game fun and more engaging.

Thus, within the Halo universe ODST has a great storyline and not the best gameplay however, it’s an engaging game due to the story; whereas on the flip side, with Halo 5 it has a bad storyline but really good gameplay experience.

Then you have The Sims Franchise which is an example of Emergent Gameplay which means that the style of gameplay is adaptable and the story is created by the player. With The Sims you get to create your own storyline and create the way you play. You get to build your own Sims (People), build your own house, build their story, you even get to decide when you want to kill them by creating a 2 by 2 room without a door and you can watch them die from starvation and lack of energy and other emotional difficulties. Thus, you in a sense can have both a good storyline and gameplay experience.

In your opinion, do you think good video games are contingent on a good storyline?

A video of my best gameplay from Halo 5
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