I Want To Get A Fact Straight I’m Not!

I have decided to tell you the truth about who I am and what my sexuality is. It may come as a shock to you, however, I don’t just only like girls, but I like guys. I, however, view girls as friendship material. Additionally, I can appreciate women and see beauty in them. However, I don’t feel any attraction towards women. Therefore, I am gay. I am however proud to be who I am as well as who I love and no one can tell me any different!

To my knowledge I have always fallen under the Gay stereotype, however, I have told myself from about five to the age of sixteen that I only like girls and that I was straight. When in fact I have liked guys the whole time and that I was gay.

Funny story, the first time that I question my sexuality was the first time for something else as well. Around the end of June in 2010, I was having troubles with getting to sleep. Therefore, around 1:30am, I decided to turn on my TV and watch some TV, I decided on Family Channel. I saw that Family Channel was playing a new music video. I was doing other things at the time so I just listened to the song. As I was listening to the song I thought to myself, this girl can sing. However when I looked up to the TV, I noticed that the artist wasn’t a girl but was a guy. This music video was “One Time” by Justin Bieber.

I started to question my sexuality and thought I actually, am not sure if I’m just straight a few seconds after the music video for One Time was finished. From this point until February 23rd, 2013, I spent time thinking about it and put all the pieces to the puzzle together and finally realized, that I’m gay.

A big part of my coming out experience and figuring out how I am was done on the Internet. From watching YouTube videos about being gay and the ways they came to term of their sexuality, to reading online posts and I even did a few, Are you gay surveys.

Everyone, whom I have came out to so far, has taken it the news great and they still have remained to treat me, and love me the same way that they have always had. I feel so much better now that I have came out to most people.

I currently have a Boyfriend and I couldn’t be any happier!


December 3rd, 1994: Most likely the first day that I was “gay”

1994 to 2006: Doing things that fell into the “Gay Stereotype” and doing things that girls did… But feeling and thinking I was straight

2006 to July 2010: Thinking I was straight when I wasn’t

End of July 2010: Started to think I maybe “gay”

End of July 2010 to February 23rd, 2013: Watching videos and really thinking about am I “Straight, Gay, Bisexual, etc…” Who am I?

February 23rd, 2013: Coming to “terms” that I’m gay

February 23rd, 2013 to February 26th, 2013: How am I going to come out, to who and when?

February 27th, 2013 8:25:28 AM: Came out to my mom via Email:

Hey mom, I have something to tell you… Please don’t be mad at me and please treat me with the same love and respect as you have been for my whole life. I am Bi sexual. I was going to tell you before we left this morning but didn’t get a chance and yeah… I was wanting you to be the first one to know. We can talk more when you get home if you want. I will be telling dad most likely when I get home. PS, I didn’t win on RRRoll Up The Rim To Win, today. Love your son!

February 27th, 2013 around 5 PM: Came out to my dad via print out of the above email

February 27th, 2013 to April 2013: Came out to a few people online whom I haven’t met but have chatted with

July 18, 2013: Came out to my sister via Text Message:

Hey I have something to tell you… You may or may not already assumed this, but… I am bi sexual. Mom and dad both know already. But I thought I would tell you.” She then replied with “Yeah I figured as much

July 18, 2013: Came out to my Auntie Sharron via my mother telling her from my permission

July 18, 2013: Came out to my brother via a very strange and odd conversation

October 11, 2013 (National Coming Out Day): Came out to my friends and online community via a Video, a Post and a Picture

November 24, 2013, around 11 AM: Came out to Grandma W (my mom’s mom)

February 12, 2014: Started to talk to this guy

April 20, 2014: Officially got my first Boyfriend

July 2015: Came out to my Grandma L (my dad’s mom)

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