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“I Work Alone!”

I find that in order for me to get work done, I need to be by myself in my own personal bubble. This includes me at my workspace with my earphones in and music on! It doesn’t matter the style of music that I’m listening to, just as long as I’m able to allow it to focus me in to the work.

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How to Write a Proposal

Are you wanting to learn how to write a project proposal? Here is the information that you’ll be needing.

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VIU Campus Tour on Snapchat

Funny story! so the other week I was think, maybe, for the University Snapchat Story I would do a “Campus Tour on Snapchat”. Then just today, I went to read what we had to do for this blog post and was excited to read that it’s to do what I was thinking the other week.

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Memory: Who Hit Their Head?!

Memory… Do I believe my memory or do I believe my moms?!

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Interactive: About Donald Louch

My name is Donald Louch and I am a certified Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer and Digital Communicator.

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Make Snapchat Better Again!

Snapchat released a new UI update and users are not happy with it. There needs to be a filter system for the Friends tab and an easier Discovery section.

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I’m Not Accident-Prone

DIGI 340: What? No, I’m not accident-prone. You know, just a few broken bones, fractures, disk protrusions, and a skin graft here and there.

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