Site Updates (July 9th, 2015)

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Today, July 9th, 2015 I updated all my websites. The major update included merging, a discontinuation of a site and a launch of a new site, slight design tweaks (sites and logos), additionally, just updated some information on the sites.


What I mean by this is, I merged my blog site (formally, with this site. With that I am now considering iDonaldLouch as my “Personal Site and Blog”. I additionally, merged my stores from and into one responsive store which can be found on

Discontinuation and Launch

So with the merge we say goodbye to and we say hello to All the content from the blog has been moved over and once that I see everything is re-directing properly I will be deleting the website. The brand new store was launched today at 11:30am (PST) and no problems occurred.

Design Tweaks

All Sites

All of my sites have a slightly redesigned logo and title.

Donald Louch

All of the topbar icons have been changed from having the official colour to being white.


The “Technology Logo” on the homepage has been updated to a new design and has been switched to a “Blog Logo”. There is a new page for my blog posts that I have moved from my Additionally, I have added two new categories Blog and Posts From: CMNS 165. I have addd my profile image as a circular image for every post that has been published.

*UPDATE (July 21st, 2015)*

I have fixed the formatting on picture and video blog posts.

Donald Louch Blog

Stripped the site and having everything being re-directed.

Donald Louch Store

New theme, new site, new everything.

Donald Louch Productions

I actually made the theme for my production site and I am very happy with it. It’s very similar to the previous theme but more flatter and cleaner. Additionally, the layout of some elements are different.

Other Updates

I additionally, just updated some information on pages, updated links for the store items and just did overall maintenance to all my sites to make them run smoother and better.