Site Update (October 30th to November 3rd, 2015)

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I am excited to announce that I made some major changes to my websites. From moving to a new server, to merging all my content from iDonaldLouch and Donald Louch Store to this all-in-one website, to implementing a brand new theme, to a new font, and much more.

New Server

My hosting with Hostgator was up of renewal and I was thinking “do I want to stay with them” or “should I try my luck with a differentiating hosting company”? After about a months time of deciding i finally decided to go with a new hosting company. I decided to chose Namecheap as my new hosting provider. Therefore, with getting new hosting you have the ‘fun’ process of backup, changing nameservers and basically, waiting for all the appropriate channels to point to the new server. You then can create a new site and then import all your old content. Therefore, that is one of the reasonings behind my website being down for a few days. But I am happy with the new server!


This sounds familiar ;). With my last update, I merged my:

blog site (formally, with this site [iDonaldLouch]. … I additionally, merged my stores from and into one responsive store which can be found on

However, with this update, I have decided to merge all my content from iDonaldLouch and all the content from Donald Louch into one site. Furthermore, I have decided to merge my store from Donald Louch Store to Donald Louch. With this Donald Louch is now a “one stop shop” or an all-in-one website.


With all this newly merged content, I figured why not give the site a facelift. Therefore, I decided to go with a new theme. With that, I have went with a theme that I can customize to my hearts desire. Furthermore, I decided to change up the font to a much cleaner one.

Content Change

With the merging of content I further, decided that I should polish up my posts and pages and make them a little more professional looking. I also decided to delete some posts. When you go to my blog, you will not see any “selfies”. As I have moved them to there own dedicate page titled “Pictures of Me“. Additionally, I have changed the “Technology” category name to “Website“.


With the store, I have revamped some of the items and changed up the storefront page a little. I further, have improved the look of invoices. Another thing that I have done, is created a brand new page with information, simply titled “Information“. Within this page you will be able to see information on licences and refunds, in addition with requesting a refund.


I have further improved my site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Besides doing all those changes, I did some general maintenance.

Change Log

Donald Louch

  • (8PM) November 3rd, 2015: Site Went LIVE! (Store Is Down Though)
  • (3:50) November 3rd, 2015: Optimization 
  • (1PM) November 3rd, 2015: Site Crawl/SEO Optimization (Completed at 2:15PM)
  • (12PM) November 1st, 2015: Customizing Site (Theme, Posts, Pages, ECT)(Completed on the 3rd at 3PM)
  • (11:45AM) November 1st, 2015: New Theme Install
  • (5:30PM) October 31st, 2015: Checking Content, Making Sure Everything Got Merged
  • (3:30PM) October 31st, 2015: Importing Old Website Files and Database (100% at 5:15PM)
  • (9AM) October 31st, 2015: Importing Old Website Content (100% at 3:30PM)
  • (8PM) October 30th, 2015: Transferring Nameservers
  • (8PM) October 30th, 2015: Bought New Hosting


I hope that you are enjoying this new change and continue to view my website.