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Site Update: July 29th, 2016
Donald Louch, Digital Producer, Canada
July 30th, 2016

I’ve made significant changes to my website from my online store to changing and adding new pages to speed improvements to even more

After doing some deep thinking, I’ve decided to discontinue my online store. The reasoning behind the discussion is that I wasn’t receiving any sales. Additionally, a significant amount of resources was begin used on my server; included was space, speed, and idles. Additionally, the wish list function in the store was found to be collecting a large quantity of spam. However, the biggest part of the store was that it was redundant.

All my music will remain on iTunes and the other services (listed on the post for the single/album). Ringtones are on Zedge (links are in the posts). Wallpapers can be download for free. You may, further, request for custom made wallpapers with a quote form (links are in the posts). Video intros can be purchased from VideoHive—Hopefully— (links are in the posts).

With discontinuing the store, I’ve decided to create a new page titled “Services” (currently being built). With Services, you can request for a service. Services that I offer include digital photography, digital videography, graphic designs, and websites design. Service requests are hosted through my production website, Donald Louch Productions (

To go along with the new services page and the discontinuation of the store I’ve decided to rename and change the URL of the “Information” page to “Terms of Service” (/ToC). The Terms of Service page will include a revised version of the terms of my service included with client work and my personal photography.

The “Merch” link was moved from the “Storemenu to the main menu.

I’ve updated the “Gaming category page to include the gaming blog posts (more posts to come). I’ve further, added coloured backgrounds to the blog posts and the video sections.

I’ve added the gaming posts to the blog section on the “Home” page.

I’ve made some extreme progress in optimizing and making the site smoother and faster. I’ve minified EVERYTHING! I’ve further changed caching plug-ins and the Lazy Loading plug-in. I’ve further removed unnecessary files and databases. With this all, you’ll be able to load my pages faster and also it’s easier on my server.

Talking about servers, I’ve changed servers since my last update post. On June 25th, 2016, I decided to switch from my NameCheap server to a Canadian server. I chose HostUpon. I’m now hosted by a Canadian company on a Canadian server.

Please Feel Free To Read The Update Log

Update Log

July 30th, 2016

12:30pm: Disabled Maintenance Mode

12:20pm: Announced Live Time (Today at 12:30pm)

11:00am: Off Site

11:00am: (COMPLETED) Site Review

10:06am: (BEGAN) Site Review

10:00am: (COMPLETED) Update Pages

9:35am: (BEGAN) Update Pages

9:30am: Back On Site

July 29th, 2016

10:50pm: Off Site For The Night

9:45pm: (BEGAN) Writing The Update Post


9:20pm: (COMPLETED) Optimzations

8:45pm: (CONTUNED) Optimizations

8:45pm: Back On Site

7:50pm: Taking a Break

7:50pm: (COMPLETED) Dropping Old Databases

7:40pm: (BEGAN) Dropping Old Databases

7:40pm: (COMPLETED) Deleting Files From Server

7:30pm: (BEGAN) Deleting Files From Server

7:28pm: On Server

7:18pm: Taking A Break

5:00pm: (CONTUNED) Optimizations

5:00pm: (COMPLETED) Cache Plug-in Configuration

3:50pm: (BEGAN) Cache Plug-in Configuration ; Optimizations

3:20pm: (COMPLETED) Plug-in Updating, Deleting and Installing

3:04pm: (BEGAN) Plug-in Updating, Deleting and Installing

Note 1: The Donald Louch Online Store Has Been Discontinued

3:00pm: (COMPLETED) Major Change | READ NOTE 1

1:45pm: (BEGAN) Major Change | More Info To Come

1:35pm: Enabled Maintenance Mode

July 28th, 2016

5:50pm: Took My Online Store Offline Ahead of Changes

July 27th, 2016

4:35pm: Downtime Announced