Backwards Words Challenge

Today, I am doing a collab video with one of my friends from College. Her name is Josie. We tempted to do the Backwards Words Challenge; with the challenge essentially you pick some words (we picked 8) and try to say them in reverse then you reverse the clip to hear how accurate you are. We did this and I think we failed pretty badly. If you think:

  • Josie won, like the comment that reads: “I Think Josie Won!”
  • I (Donald) won, like the comment that reads: “I Think Donald Won!”
  • It’s a TIE, like the comment that reads: “I Think It Was a TIE!!!
The Words We Tempted To Say
  1. Poutine
  2. Tool
  3. Coverage
  4. Race Car
  5. Camosun (Not A Sponsor)
  6. Coat
  7. Preference
  8. Cat

Marry, F***, Unsubscribe

BONUS VIDEO! I play Marry, F***, Unsubscribe with my physical college friend, Donald. We learn that we have flawless taste in people. And that filming out of focus results in looking like you timetravelled. Woohoo.

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