Donald Louch, Digital Producer, Canada

July 9th, 2016

Level ID: 6B70-0000-026A-3987


I’ve created a semi-expert traditional action/puzzle level for the game Super Mario Maker (or at least in my own opinion)! I’ve titled it “Jumping Beetle”! The level contains elements such as (please note that I’m not fully aware of what the element titles are):

  • Get All Three Lifes (for challenge mode)
  • Skull platform
  • Buzzy Beetle Jumps
  • Maze (with coin key collection)
  • Spike Top Jumps
  • Triple Bowser (one has a key)
  • I further have some trolls in this level! Can you find them 😉

If you enjoyed the level, please feel free to leave a star on the level as it helps keep the level on Mario Makers servers!

Gameplay Images

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Game: Super Mario Maker

Developer: Nintendo

Console: Wii U

Release Date: September 11th, 2015