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It’s Only Calm

Original(ish): One Tuesday, I found myself bored and had nothing to do, so I turned to my iPad mini and GarageBand.

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Here is my second single. I titled the song Triumph because I felt that the song has an uplifting beat and the feeling of hope and victory.

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Studying a DIME 115 Soundscape

Original Soundscape: Here is a soundscape for my DIME 115 class. In this soundscape, I studied.

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Debut Single: One day I tried different notes on my guitar, even though I had no idea how to play and what I heard was good.

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Toast With Nutella And Cofffee Soundscape Mixdown

Orginal Soundscape: From taking two slices of bread to toasting the bread then to spreading Nutella on it to finally, eating it.

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